Being Thankful

Well….we made it through another Thanksgiving.  Holiday’s aren’t good for diets, but they are good for seeing and spending time with family and indulging in all the yummy dishes that you only get at such gatherings. I have some wonderful cooks in my family (I’m not one of them).  Luckily my stomach doesn’t allow me to eat as much as it used to, so I tried to get a little bit of everything I wanted to eat.  I didn’t do too bad.  I only gained .4 lbs on the holiday, but then proceeded to eat bad the next few days and gained a few more lbs.  But that will hopefully come back off this week now that I’m back on my normal schedule.

We started off Thanksgiving morning with a 5K race.  I think this is a nice tradition to begin.  This is our second Thanksgiving to start out with a race.  Last year we did the 10K in Cincinnati with my sister and this year we did a 5K here in Kansas City, and was joined by our psuedo-niece, Katie and her boyfriend, Joe.  Both years we’ve had to run in COLD weather.  Last year it was 19 degrees, this year close to 30.  Temperature is always hit and miss at the end of November.  It’s good though to get that activity in early in the morning and not have to worry about it the rest of the day!


Friday I ended up getting a call from my endocrinologist’s office.  I had my routine blood draw earlier in the month and had to go back to get more blood drawn, because the lab didn’t do one of the tests on the blood that the Dr was wanting to check.  I guess she didn’t realize this until after my appt, because for my appointment my Dr had told me that everything was good, blood work normal, levels were good and now that it’s been 20 years cancer free they probably wouldn’t be as worrisome on checking everything so often.  (Of coarse I will always get checked, but maybe not so often on the ultrasounds and scans)  She had also sent me for an ultrasound on my neck and I got the results as normal. There are swollen lymph nodes there, but nothing really changed from last time, and I had a needle biopsy on my neck within the last few years and it came back negative.  The Dr. also said they hadn’t sent her the results of that ultrascan, so I had to call and ask they send those over to her.  So anyway, back to the call I got on Friday.  The Dr’s nurse told me that the blood tests came back from that second draw and it was abnormal.  (The part that was abnormal is something that is a test for tumor markers, which she said was “positive”)  She said this was the first time since my cancer that this has come back abnormal.  The Dr wants me to come back for ANOTHER blood draw and they are going to send my blood to the University of California and have them analyze it, because I don’t think they see this very often, I think she said they’ve only had to send blood for one other person out to California. Of coarse, that is a bit disturbing to me.  It plants a little seed of worry in my brain….but I’m going to try not to worry about it until a second blood draw and analysis happens.  I’ll go in tomorrow and get the blood draw.  Not sure how long it’ll take to get results back.  Hopefully once I get the blood drawn, it’ll leave my mind until the Dr calls me back.  I haven’t gotten to talk to Dr about this yet, just the information that the nurse relayed to me.

Well, didn’t really have much time to write this morning, but wanted to post something, since it’s been a while.  We have one more race scheduled for this year – and it’ll be an indoor race mid December.  We have done DOUBLE the races this year that we did last year.  It’s been a good year.


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